Hi. I am Brooke. I am a serial optimist on a quest to spread good in the world. I write about the people I meet on the adventure.

I am here to introduce you to the modern day Charity Girl; to share stories of those out there doing good, to inspire you to find new and creative ways you can give back in your already hectic life, and to teach you more about the Charity Girl world. I know it will change your perspective and inspire you to become a modern day Charity Girl.

“One woman can make a difference, but together we can rock the world.” – anonymous

Here are some people that are using their passion, creativity and strengths to serve the greater good. Read on.

  • Rust & Fray

Rust & Fray: A Love Story To Bangladesh

"I can’t do it all today, but I can do something everyday." Full confession - I am an over committer. I have always understood that we have a finite amount of time on earth and I don't want to miss out on anything. This "personality trait" [...]

  • running

Life Lessons (through running…)

"But remember, we are our own best critics and really the only ones who see our characteristics as flaws. So build a good tribe that never lets you forget the bigger picture." If you follow along with my adventures via Instagram stories, you’ve [...]

  • Golriz Lucina

WCW: Golriz Lucina

"Somewhere in that interplay of your skills and talents and passions, lies the reason you’re here and the reason the world needs you." - Golriz Lucina, SoulPancake I'm super excited to share this week's WCW Spotlight as SoulPancake has always been a favorite destination [...]

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